Hi Guys,

We also have a FED & KDF Fleet, that's why we have an own chat channel for chatting.

Only this way ppl from the FED fleet and the KDF fleet can chat with each other seamlessly.

The inter-fleet channel is called "Rangers Chat" and all of you have been invited to it.
To join type the following (or do copy & paste) into your chatbox:
/channel_join "Rangers Chat"

Tip: You can also color your chats in the chat settings so you can better distinguish from where they are coming, also u can enable the channel-name prefixes in the chat options, and make extra tabs to put the spam channels in like Zone & Local.

Many of our guys in the fleet are very helpful, so if you need anything regarding leveling or questions or anything, just ask it in the Rangers Chat.

It will really benefit you and also the fleet if you are in that channel, so take 1min to set it up and I promise you - you'll love it =)

Fleet Promotion requirements & obligations
Rank 1 : Invite to the fleet
Rank 2 : 50K Fleet contribution
Rank 3 : 100K Fleet contribution
Rank 4 : 500K Fleet contribution
Rank 5 : Leaders discrection

Rank 6: Leaders Discrection


Helpfull game shortcuts ....

Control + G = Fleet screens  ,.... here u find the roster, events & holdings pages .... please fill in your country/zone in the roster comments ....

This is also the easiest way to reach the holdings pages to contribute to the fleet.

Access to the fleet bank & provisions starts at Rank 2.